Natural gum processing and marketing enterprise is one of the Ethiopian remarkable enterprises in the sector of producing, collecting of natural gum products for both local international markets. The enterprise established in 1962 by the ministerof finance, commercial bank of Ethiopia in the course of understanding some geographical location and climate of Ethiopia is appropriate for natural gum products as well as producing natural gum products in more organized way enable the country to be morebeneficiary from the sector with the capital of Birr 1,000,000. The enterprise was formerly established as TAILD (Tigray Agricultural and industrial development PVT. Ltd. Co)to engage in agriculture and industrial sectors, including extraction and marketing of natural gum products. TAIDL was nationalized in 1776 and was made to operate as sole organization in the countryin the processing and marketing of natural gum products. In 1994 the enterprise was re-established as public enterprise by the council of ministers proclamation number.179/94 with authorized capital of birr 5,213,428 which is fully paid in cash and in kind. Now the capital reached birr 7,047,456.36. The enterprise export natural gum products for the country like china India, South America Greek… with standard quality. The enterprise is applying different reform works able to make progress in both managerial and production.


Aspire to advance the benefits of the enterprise and the country in a sustainable way in 2020 by supplying value added natural gums for the market.

To increase the profitability of the enterprise through the use of modern technology, produce quality and standardized natural gum for local as well as international market.

 “Quality is our motto” is the base principle of the enterprise. And also the enterprise takes the following values as

• Commitment for achieving the objectives of the enterprise
• Strong team spirit and servant feelings
• Use the enterprise’s resources efficiently
• Developed strong relationships
• Ethical, transparent and accountable
• Very responsible for environmental and social issues
• Share experiences for others
• Value and give great attention for fulfilling the interests of the customers

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